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Celebrating a New Year

Party With Friends - colored pencil drawing of fish having a celebration

Party With Friends

Happy New Year! Hope you all have a great 2016.


Even Fish have a Santa

Santa Fish in a fishbowl delivering presents

Santa Fish

For your holiday enjoyment – Santa Fish. The original of Santa Fish was done in colored pencil.

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Fish

Turkey Fish

Happy Thanksgiving. As we reflect on all the things we are thankful for I hope you have a fantastic day.

Work starting on 2016 Calendar

Each year I do at least 1 calendar with 12 different pictures centered around a character(s) – cat, bird, fish, truck or robot. Many of my drawings for the calendars tell a “story”. That story may not be the same for all who see it and it is fun to see the other stories that other people see in my drawings.

I brainstorm ideas for that character and list those ideas. Whenever I gt an idea I add to the list and use it for reference.  I then take those ideas and do a thumbnail or reference sketch to try and capture my thoughts and vision.

Swimming-to-a-Different-Drummer72web One of my 2016 calendars will be of fish. It has been a couple of years since I did a fish one, so it will be fun. This first drawing is called “Swimming to a Different Drummer”.

The concept of this comes from a mixture of ideas. I like tessellations and have done those with fish on a floorcloth. You get a sense of fish going in 2 directions at once. This is a variation on that theme where the majority of fish are going in one direction but there is one fish with a mind of her own that has to check out going in a different direction and looking for something else. She also looks and acts differently – a lone wolf of sorts, a rebel or misfit. It can any number of reasons for going in a different direction. The fish has individuality and does not just go with the masses.

Paintings in process

pileopaintings72webI’ve been working on getting paintings ready for shows starting in June. Here a few that I have ready to go. I’m still working on a few more.

I’ll be at the Sequim Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 31st and have these available – along with the 2015 Cat Calendar. If you are in Sequim, come on by.


Cards now on Etsy

I have started placing cards on Etsy. There are currently 2 sets of 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″ cards available, with more coming all the time.

With Halloween coming soon, there is a set of 4 different cards depicting birdie and fishie witches. You can get the set of 4 different cards or let me know if you want to substitute any for a different image.

2013 Calendars Ready

For 2013 I have both Birdie and Fishie Calendars. They are both now ready and available directly from me or on Etsy.

These are desk calendars that fit in a CD calendar display case. There is a new page for each month.

I started doing these calendars a few years ago as I was thinking about different scenarios that fish and birds could be seen in if they were a little more human. This one is called “Self Portrait” as the fish is doing a painting of himself.

Which Way Are We Going?

One of my newest floorcloths is “Which Way Are We Going?”. Ever wonder how schools of fish know which way to be going? Me too.

I am fascinated by these “interlocking” fish and created this fun and colorful floorcloth.

Which Way Are We Going?